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Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean


Stacy-Ann Vassell-Whiteley

STACY-ANN VASSELL-WHITELEY born in Kingston, Jamaica where she first was intrigued by dance.


She joined Dance Caribe in 1997 and has since performed in “Danse Bagai” (1998), “Ambakaila” (2000) and “Remorse in De Gayal” (2002). Stacy is an alumni member of Dance Caribe who lends her support to the team whenever and wherever. In 2005 Stacy acted as the rehearsal director and stage manager for DCPC’s 15th Anniversary production of “Koombana Suite”.


Stacy’s education lies in the Building Sciences of Architecture which has helped to equip her in the areas of costume design and set design.Stacy is the artistic director of the Elite Dance Company Inc., a contemporary Christian dance company that focuses on children and youth dancers in Toronto, Canada.


After a long hiatus from dance, Stacy joined Nutifafa African Dance Ensemble in 2006 where she is trained in West African Dance under the direction of Dr. Modesto Amegago a very talented professor. She later toured the Caribbean with DCPC for “Dance Du Sol” in 2007. Stacy is blessed to be a part of Dance Caribes twenty year history.


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