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Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

About our Members

Founder & Artistic Director

Martin Scott-Pascall

Martin studied dance and theatre at The University of The West Indies Trinidad & Tobago, Concordia University, Montreal and at the University of Toronto.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, a Teacher and Fitness & Nutrition Diplomas and a certificate in Artist in Education from York University.


 He has over 25 years experience in performance arts. Martin was the Artistic Director/Choreographer for the Ontario Pavilion at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic. He has received numerous awards for his work in the performing arts. The  Scarborough Mirror “URBAN HERO” Award for Arts 2014 and in 2012 for Outstanding Distinguished Diaspora in Canada to mark the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Trinidad & Tobago,   2011 Symposium for Business & the Arts he received in the Music Award Category Award of Excellent, 2004 Canada Black Business & Professional Association (BBPA) Harry Jerome Awards for the Arts Industry and was presented with the Canadian Black Cultural Achievement Award for his excellent contribution to the Arts (DANCE) 2002, the Trinidad & Tobago Republic Day Dance Arts Award in Toronto Canada 2000 and was Canada 2001 Chin International Folklore Dance Champion and Best Choreographer. In 1996 to 1998 he received the Caribbean Cultural Achievement Awards for Best Director, Best Choreographer and Best Folk Dance Group


In 1989, Martin founded Dance Caribe Performing Company (DCPC) as a testament to his love for the Caribbean dance artistic aesthetic and is the core and centrifugal force of the company. Martin has created, by forming DCPC, the ideal vehicle for showcasing his many talents for choreography, directing, acting, and dancing and also costume design. Another important byproduct of the formation of DCPC is the opportunity he has created for others to learn more about and to experience the Caribbean artistic aesthetic.


Martin has directed and choreographed all of DCPC’s major productions including “Ah Taste of Best Village” (1991), “Veni Zante” (I996), “Dance Baghai” (I998), “Ambakaila” (2000), “Remorse in de Gayal” (2002) Koombana Suite (2005), Danse Du Sol (2006), their Caribbean tours in Dominica and Trinidad & Tobago (2007), it’s Schools tour “From De Soil” (2004) and also their two Dinner Theatre Productions “Rhythm Freedom for Black History month and Veni Tay-Lay-Lay in the fall (2008), their Twentieth Anniversary Production a World Premiere  “Sayamanda” (2009),  Anancy Stories (2011) and celebrated our 25th Anniversary Production “Retrospection… Then & Now” in 2014 at the Chinese Cultural Centre Theatre in Toronto.  Dance Caribe Performing Company also performed at the Pan Am Games 2015, Toronto, Canada.  It is a pleasure for our company to perform with the Frontline School of Drums in collaboration with Dance Caribe with the production, “Roots to Branches”…A Tribute to Gwedolyn Helen Salick at Naparima Boy’s College Auditorium, San Fernando, Trinidad.

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