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DANCE CARIBE PERFORMING COMPANY Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

6. Dancers are only allowed to perform for one group or it will result in disqualification.7. As this is a children’s dance festival all choreography must be appropriate to uphold integrity of the festival.8. All competitors must arrive at the venue 90 minutes before competition and report to the Backstage Coordinator upon arrival.9. The festival organizers must approve any and all stage props.10.All individuals, schools, studios and groups must send a biography with the completed application form. Participants in the 13 to 15 and under 21 categories must submit a wallet size photo for Competition ID cards.11. The festival organizers and or/agents are not responsible for any lost or stolen goods.12.Refreshments and food are allowed in your assigned dressing room however it is the responsibility of each group to clean up after themselves. Refreshments and food are not allowed in the backstage waiting area.13.Each performing group is allowed 2 chaperones per category whilst schools are allowed 4 chaperones. These are the only adults allowed backstage. Chaperones must wear identification bracelets at all times.14.No parents are allowed backstage during the festival.15. The festival organizers have all rights to use any photos, videos, and any materials for advertisement relating to this competition.16.The adjudicators (judges) will award certificates of Excellence, Merit or Achievement to all category entrants.17. All groups and schools must be available for the awards presentation show.18.The adjudicators’ decisions are final.

Dance Festival Manual

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