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DANCE CARIBE PERFORMING COMPANY Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

Aims & Objectives1. To give and encourage teenagers and young dancers the opportunity to explore their performing talents,2. To showcase and highlight potential talents within the community,3. To encourage teenagers and young dancers to direct their energy in a positive and meaningful way,4. To foster an understanding and cooperation among different performing groups,5. To provide a medium for choreographers, producers, costume designers and dancers to continue working for excellence, and6. To bring together all young Caribbean & Canadian dance groups to work under one umbrella and bring together our diverse cultures in peace and unity. Competition Categories 12 & Under, 13 to 15 & Under 21 Female Soloist - Male Soloist - Duet/Trio Category Group Own Choice – Spiritual/Gospel Group Own Choice – Folk/African/Indian etc… Group Own Choice – Modern/Jazz/Contemporary/Ballet etc… Group Own Choice – Reggae/Hip Hop Group Own Choice – Calypso/Soca Primary/Tiny Tots 8 & Under Group Own Choice – Spiritual/Folk/African/Jazz/Ballet etc…

Dance Festival Manual

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