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Folklore Legend of the Caribbean " The Story of Anansi"

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DANCE CARIBE PERFORMING COMPANY Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean



The Frontline Drumming Company was established and founded by its Artistic Director Roger Pascall in Trinidad & Tobago in 1998. The Company's goals are for the development of the young and young at heart to learn and develop the skill of drumming; as well as to learn the Cultural diversity of our ancestors, who came to the Caribbean through slavery.A new drumming era was "Folk Drumming". The main event is a yearly program called The Prime Ministers Best Village Trophy Competition. The Frontline Drumming Company has enrolled over seventy-five students to date, with ages ranging from four to sixty-five years old.The Frontline Drumming Company achievements in the last couple years have been outstanding. In 2004 the senior drummers captured the Trinidad & Tobago South Drumming Champions and placed third in the Trinidad & Tobago National Drumming Festival of the same year. In 2005 the tables turned but it was still success for Frontline.In recent years, the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Mr. Patrick Manning, give special mention to Frontline drumming student Oshun Cuthbert who, through only has one hand, shines like a gem. The company has toured and performed in every major and National Festival in Trinidad and Tobago and the lesser Caribbean Islands.Roger Pascall and The Frontline Drumming Company are bent on striving for future excellence for the company and more for their students.

The Frontline Drumming Company

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