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Folklore Legend of the Caribbean " The Story of Anansi"

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DANCE CARIBE PERFORMING COMPANY Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean


Roger Pascall


Roger Pascall has been drumming for over 25 years in Trinidad & Tobago. Currently, Roger is the Artistic Director of Frontline School of Drums (T&T). He is also the Drumming Coordinator of the Trinidad & Tobago Drumming Association. Roger served as Drumming Coordinator of "Carifiesta IV".During his term as Artistic Director of Le Saveur Caribe, Roger was judged "Best Drumming Coordinator" with Le Saveur being awarded the coveted title of "Drumming Champion" at the Southern Sports & Culture Foundation Competition. Roger worked for 15 years with the T&T Ministry of Sports & Culture and Creative Arts, and the T&T Ministry of Community Development. He is the Musical Director of Five-Fold Ministry.Roger has performed in Canada in the DCPC productions of "Veni Zante" (1996), "Dance Baghai" (1998), "Ambakaila" (2000) and "Remorse in de Gayal" (2002), "Danse du Sol" (2007), Theatre People's "Light the Flambeaux" production in 1997 as well as Sayamanda (2009).Roger and the Frontline Drumming Company are proud to reunite with Dance Caribe once again for their 23rdth Anniversary production"Folklore Legend of the Caribbean - The Story of Anansi" (2011).

Drumming Director

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