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DANCE CARIBE PERFORMING COMPANY Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

Dance Caribe Performing CompanyDance Caribe Performing Company (DCPC) was founded in 1989 under the direction of Martin Scott-Pascall. As a not-for-profit organization, the group from its beginnings has chosen as its roots Caribbean Dance as its main artistic expression. Now celebrating 22 years, DCPC’s repertoire of dances embraces the cultural diversity that is unique to the Caribbean. These dances are presented in their traditional form as well as in contemporary and modern dance styles preserving the energy and rhapsody of Caribbean cultural aesthetics.DCPC has a very strong performing history within the Caribbean-Canadian community and over the years has maintained a very active participation in multi-cultural and international festivities throughout Metro Toronto, South Western Ontario, Quebec and the USA. DCPC’s “Ah Taste of Best Village” (1991), “Rhythmix” (1994), “Veni Zante” (1996), “Danse Baghai” (1998), “Ambakaila” (2000), “Remorse in de Gayal” (2002), “From De Soil” (2004) “Koombana Suite” (2005), “Danse du Sol” (2006), "SAYAMANDA" (2009) and the 2001 Canada Chin International Folklore Dance Winners together with numerous awards received at multi-cultural and international festivals, represent high points of the group’s achievements over its first decade of existence. DCPC is the host of the Annual Caribbean Junior Folklore Dance Festival in Toronto.

Dance Festival Manual

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