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Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

Core Lead Guest Dancer

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis "Tiger "a native of Trinidad,  Richard began dancing with the Santa Flora folk performers.  In 1985 he won the best male dancer award in the Prime Minister's Best Village competition.

Currently based in Miami, Richard has been dancing professionally for over 15 years throughout the US and Europe, and he has performed with such artists as the late Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston ,Usher Lisa, Minnelli, Grace Jones and many others. He has danced in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular featuring the world renowned Rockettes for the past 10 years.

In 1998, Richard was a guest performer in dance Caribe's production of 'Dance Baghai'. Then, after a lapse of nearly 20 years, Richard went back to Trinidad to dance with his longtime friend Martin Scott Pascall in dance Caribe's ' Dance du Sol' in 2007 and two years later joined the DCPC Cast in Toronto for Dance Caribe's 20th and in 2011 for the 23rd anniversary production.


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