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Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean


Khadine Wiltshire

Khadine Wiltshire - a proud Canadian Trinidadian with a strong sense of culture.  She graduated from the University of Windsor with a double honours degree in Criminology and Sociology in 2004. 


She currently works at the Hospital for Sick Children as a Research Administrator in the Division of Clinical and Metabolic Genetics. 


Khadine is an accomplished speaker and performer having entered beauty pageants at age five and started public/motivational speaking at age 12.  Her most memorable speaking experience came in 2004 when she was invited to speak at a World Conference on Diaspora in China on AIDS in prisons. 


Khadine is a multi-faceted dancer that has been dancing and performing since the age of three.  She has been trained in tap, jazz, ballet, and contemporary Afro-Caribbean dance. 


Khadine danced and toured with the Scarborough Caribbean Youth Dance Ensemble (SYCDE) from 1996-2000 and the Caribbean Dance Theatre from 2000-2009. She is currently a member of Dance Caribe Performing Company.


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