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Preserving through dance, the cultural diversity of the Caribbean

Celebrating 29 Years - 1989 - 2018

Executive Board Members

Martin Scott-Pascall    ~  Founder & Artistic Director

Anthony Ishmael         ~  Executive Chair Director 

Deborah Minott            ~  Public Relations Director / Administrator

Jamie-Lynn Ellis          ~  Financial Director

Merlyn James               ~ Event Planner Director

Past Executive Board Members

Alicia Sealey

Allan Legal

Anenesta Noel

Angela Taylor

Annabelle Baiden- Young

Antoinette Coore-Mungo

Bianca Jacob

Courtney Franklin

Devon Shaw

Eugene James

Felix Gulston

Gabrielle Davis

Ida Barington

Jessica Matthews

Justin Phills

Madge Hills

Marva Johnson

Merlyn James

Michael Ekumane

Nicole Walderon

Pet Marchan

Richard Burkett

Ronald Hunt

Sandra Gottfried

Tiffany Niles-Queensborough

Valerie Williamson

Vicky Phillips

Past & Present Artistic Directors

Martin Scott-Pascall  ~  Artistic Director        - 1989 - Present

Andrea Douglas         ~ Artistic Director        - 1993 - 1995

Keith Pascall               ~ Artistic Coordinator - 1990 -1992

Thank You for all your support

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